Help with high end bookshelf speakers

I need help please. Past few years I'm gone through a myriad of speakers and now my wife is relegating me to a third bedroom for a dedicated listing space. I'm trying to figure out what kind of bookshelf speakers I can use with a Hegel 390, Auralic, Denafrips DAC in an 11x12 room. Trying to decide if I need to change my whole system or find something that works with what I have.

Thanks everyone



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Yes, 11 x 12 is not optimum, but it is certainly possible to get great hi-fi, high end audio quality in such a room. 

I have a room slightly larger than that, with well placed (mostly DIY) room treatment, and I have no problems getting the speakers to disappear, with a soundstage that extends well beyond the outer edges of my speakers, and quite deep.

Sure, it took some work to get the bass to sound right, but it is definitely high end sound quality. 

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