Help with hum

I have a hum coming through both speakers. It is independent of volume control and completely stops when the preamp is disconnected. Disconnecting source from preamp has no effect. I have tried switching cables and tubes from channel to channel but it keeps humming. I have tried all combinations of cheater plugs on both amps and on the preamp but with no improvement. Any advice regarding cause or diagnosis is appreciated. Preamp is Cary SLP-98 and amps are Manley Neoclassic 300b's.

Thanks in advance,

Try hooking a ground wire from a screw in the back plate of the pre to a screw in the back plate of the amp.
It should help out.

I tried your tip without success. I did eliminate the hum when I touched a wire grounded to the pre to the (+) speaker terminal of either amp. I realize that is not a realistic solution but may help someone offering advice.