Help with inwall sub amp

Hello!  I need your collective help with a small room sub.  In the room today I have a Bluesound Power Node connected to some in-ceiling Bowers and Wilkins CCW 7.3 speakers.  Overall the sound is good, but I wish the base was a bit nicer.

So I was going to add the B&W ISW-6 in-wall sub.  This is a passive sub, but I'm being advised that it needs it's own amp....

1) Does it?

2) If it does, what's the smallest footprint amp I can find for it?  Something around the size of the Power Node would be best...the B&W solution is a rack mounted amp.  Here's a photo of the current audio stand - a cocktail table that nicely fits the Power Node.  Trying to maintain this type of profile.

Thanks for your help!



Yes, you'll need an amplifier.  For an adequate subwoofer amplifier of that size, you'll probably be looking at a Class-D type.  

These subwoofers require a subwooferamplifier which usually has specific eq yo need the amp designed for this subwoofer

You can also find some shallow, powered, floor standing subs that can hide between a couch and wall.