Help with making a decision - Fried Studio V mars

Hey, I am new to the site but have been into audio equipment since the mid 1990's. I currently have a pair of Bud Fried's studio v speakers that I bought directly from the man himself back in the late 90's. They are in amazing shape top to bottom and I am don't really want to sell them but I am moving out of the country and don't know if I really want to leave them in a storage unit either. I am not trying to sell them from the forum! I just want to get some opinions of what they are worth so I can decide if I want to keep them or not. I have not been active in any buying or selling in years and can't really find anything online as far as sold values. Any opinions would be appreciated, thanks in advance

Where are you located? How about a brief description of the speakers such as color, condition etc.

I own two pairs of Studio Vs (three... if you count a pair of weird ones that use Focal drivers instead of the usual Hiquphon tweeter and Gefco woofer and mid-range). I paid $500.00 (plus shipping) for the latest (2012) pair, but they needed new tweeters. I paid about $1,000.00 (plus shipping) for my first pair in 2006. In all cases, the cabinets were in good, but not great, shape.

If they are as you describe them, I can't imagine them being worth less than $750.00 - $800.0.
They are black and in almost flawless condition, have looked them over and do not see any scratches or nicks. In am in coastal north carolina
You will have no trouble selling them. I'll say right here and now I am willing to buy them from you myself.

Though most do not know or have forgotten the legendary Bud Fried and his loudspeakers, there still exists a small, but fanatical following. There is no finer loudspeaker, period, for the AtmaSphere OTL amplifiers.

I listen to a lot of audio components, and in my opinion, my Fried A/6 compete with anything made today up to $5K. My Studio V, with their true TL bass and midrange loading are even better, and will run with most loudspeakers, irrespective of price. The Valhallas move another step forward. The only criticism I can level against these three is that despite their excellent low-frequency tunefulness (the TL truly without equal), their 8" woofer will obviously not go all the way down, and their crossover parts quality (though not bad for their day) warrants an upgrade. The Valhalla could be special ordered with the 10" O subwoofers, which do produce the lowest of lows.

One other thing about Bud, he brought both the Lowther and Quad ESL57 to the USA, and even after five to six decades, you'd be hard pressed to find better loudspeakers than either of those.