Help with making a decision - Fried Studio V mars

Hey, I am new to the site but have been into audio equipment since the mid 1990's. I currently have a pair of Bud Fried's studio v speakers that I bought directly from the man himself back in the late 90's. They are in amazing shape top to bottom and I am don't really want to sell them but I am moving out of the country and don't know if I really want to leave them in a storage unit either. I am not trying to sell them from the forum! I just want to get some opinions of what they are worth so I can decide if I want to keep them or not. I have not been active in any buying or selling in years and can't really find anything online as far as sold values. Any opinions would be appreciated, thanks in advance
Can Bill do more than refoaming and reconing? The reason that I ask is that I think it may be a problem with the voice coil because the woofer looks fine but sounds bad (distortion and other extraneous noise).
Yes, Bill can fix most anything that wrong with a driver. Voice coils, magnets, cones, spiders, etc. He replaces spiders when he installs new surrounds because both work together and form the driver's suspension. Though the driver will work again after a simple refoam, in Bill's eyes, the job's only half done (actually less), and the driver is still broken.

Regarding voice coils, Bud Fried left me his very own loudspeakers prior to his passing. After using them a bit, I discovered an issue with one, and took them to Bill. Bud's speakers obviously had some "hot rod" in them; in this case, a 1" dual voice coil in the 6.5" Gefco. Bill hunted around through his incredible supply, and actually found a pair, which he claimed was only the second time (though, obviously common in larger drivers) he'd seen this in more than 40 years. In no time, he had installed new ones in both drivers. I figured he wasn't going to find these unusual voice coils, and wondered if my next move would be to shop for new drivers. But he assured me he could have them made up for him by his supplier within a week or two.
They are posted FOR SALE in the classified area. I appreciate everyone's advice, and thoroughly agree that I will have to spend 3-4 times as much to replace these speakers but I am leaving the country and don't want them to rot in a storage unit somewhere. Special thanks to Trelja, I still have your number as well.
Congratulations on your first ad! Everything looks great.

Some lucky buyer will end up with a pair of speakers that surprise and delight them as the discover they compete with most anything currently produced.

I wish you the best of luck with the sale!
I was very fortunate to answer the ad here and purchase these speakers. After looking them over closely, I'm amazed at the condition and stunned by the performance. Makes me wonder why more designers haven't gone the transmission line route used by Fried.