Help with new Nottingham Spacedeck

I would appreciate help and/or advice from anyone willing. I am literally going crazy trying to figure out what’s wrong with my system. Let me preface this by saying that I am newer to analog. I started with a cheaper turntable (Project), loved the analog sound, accumulated many lp’s and decided to upgrade. Since I recently upgraded to the Nottingham Spacedeck, my system sounds thin and even overly bright at times. It didn’t sound like this with the project table. The details and soundstage seem there, but the sound always leaves me wanting more … I feel as if I went backward with this table. Perhaps it’s the cartridge on the table or maybe it’s a gain issue with my pre-amp( which is passive) or maybe my phono stage isn’t up to the task. My equipment is listed below. I am a college student who must save money to buy hi-fi gear so I am sort of upset that this table isn’t workin out.

Front-end: Nottingham Spacedeck/SpaceAce Arm with Nottingham Cart. # 1,Cambridge Audio 500se Cd player
Amp: Belles 150A
Pre-amp: Belles 8GR passive pre
Phono-stage: Project-tube box
Speakers: Totem Forest
Speaker cables: Straight-wire Rhapsody
Sounds like you need to adjust the VTA. Lowering the back end slightly should reduce the thin bright effects you are describing.
There is obviously a problem because what you describe is NOT how a Spacedeck sounds. I would look at the cart. alignment, and perhaps the chance that the cart. just needs break in time. They all do. Check the alignment, VTA, and VTF and if all is well, just be patient and put some more hours on the rig.

In addition to VTA, VTF and break-in, another possibility is the loading of your new cartridge.

The Pro-Ject Tube box gives you three impedance loading options on the MC inputs, 100, 220 and 1K ohms. If I were a betting man I'd wager it's set @ 1K. Try dropping it to the 100 ohm setting. Try all three settings for that matter. It won't do any harm.

BTW, I'm only *assuming* this Nottingham #1 cartridge is an MC. I've never heard of that particular cartridge, or even that Nott' made cartridges at all. My guess is it's a rebadge made by one of the regular cartridge manufacturers. If it came with any specs those might be useful to know.
Thanks everyone for the help so far. I will check the VTA and VTF when I get home. Ozzy, your right, I know from listening to this deck at my dealer that thin and bright are not the charateristics of this deck.

Doug- the Nott cart. is weird. I think your correct, it looks like a rebadge cart. I am trying to look on-line to see if i can tell who actually makes the cart. It came with no specs at all. I will play around with the settings on my phono stage, maybe thats it.