Help with Packing and boxing up SME 15 turntable.

I’m looking to sell my SME 15 turntable and need some information on how to repack the table in its original box. The packing foam is quite confusing and the manual doesn’t give you any information relating to repacking the table for shipment. I have tried contacting SME but haven’t heard back from them.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
Thanks Mike




From my poor memory (I hope this helps!)

Fairly certain the platter is placed on the lower level face up with the paper material covering its record surface.

 I suspect turntable is next on the middle level with tonearm removed & it’s vertical arm mount screws snugged into the base mount. Knurled motor transport screw secured into motor with 2 strips of isodamp material compressed in the gap. Suspension towers fully lowered. Upper subchassis firmly screwed down again the lower base/plinth via the two shouldered transport bolts adjacent to the sub platter spindle so as to seal the Dashpot under the spindle bearing. The 4 captive sub-platter transport screws equally turned just enough to raise the inner platter/spindle bearing off its internal thrust pad by counting equal revolutions of the 3mm ball-tipped wrench as indicated by the SME indicator stamped into the handle. (Very SME precise like 👍)

On the top layer I believe is the tonearm in its box placed next to the motor controller alone with the various accessories & tools.

Seems you may be left with an extra thin slab of packing with arbitrary markings that is used either on top or bottom of the entire package depending on where it is better served.

Thanks for all the help. I did get information from SME on how to repackage the Turntable.

Thanks for all the help. I did get information from SME on how to repackage the Turntable.