Help with Preamp Selection and Network player

Looking for tube preamp. I have the opportunity to purchase three different preamps around the same price.
-Primaluna Dialogue Premium
-Cary SLP-89l w/upgrades
-Luxman CL-38uc
Looking for opinions on sound comparisons and flexibility. Will be used in front of Parasound A21 feeding ATC SCM19's.
Also, narrowed down my choices for streamer/dac down to Cary DMS-600 and Naim NDX-2. 
These two units offer the ability to use my existing CD transport, HDD loaded w/music, Roon ready, and future NAS.
Any insight would be appreciated.
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Your posts almost always have an agenda, and that is to self promote for financial gain....."

You're posts are to threaten, attack, humiliate contributors that you seek to limit, restrict, or silence when they attempt to share they're thoughts, opinions, and experiences you are the type of person who only wants to read things that he agrees with and everyone else you try to shut out because you feel threatened, inferior, or inadequate when presented with those with more knowledge than you're own. 
First responder - again- the Oracle, pitching his wares. It never ends. And Clearthink (really?) put your Thesaurus down or I shall report thee to thy  moderators. ( C'mon gon, let this one slide)
Oddfyi and Mes we have a right to post and you should ask the op if we what we are saying is beneficial. 

I mean how many dealers sell Cary.
ATC, and Naim? Go to ATC page and check

Oddfyi believe it or not not everyone replies to our posts and purchases from us. 

Clearthink thank you for your fairness. 

Oddfyi we have over 30yrs of professional exp plus one of the largest collections of gear in the area if you dont think we can offer great advice you are sorely mistaken.

Please show some civility you act like we took the prize from your cereal box.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
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