Help with repairing speaker grill fasteners?

I recently purchased a pair of Silverline Sonatinas here on Audiogon and they were shipped to me. However, one speaker grill suffered a little damage in transit. Looks like the 6 tabs (male) all snapped off the inside of the speaker grill frame and are stuck in the (female) receptacles in the speaker cabinet. Hence, the speaker grill has no means of being attached to the speaker. I contacted Alan Yun (what a great guy!)at Silverline and that model has been out of production for sometime. If I could find 6 male tabs (what does one actually call those?) and 6 female receptacles I might be able to remedy the situation quickly. I welcome ideas from those of you with experience building and/or repairing speakers!
It's a little surprising that the manufacturer doesn't have some spare parts kept for repair on older, discontinued models. With that said, it seems that you would need to pull out the broken pieces from the female connectors and replace the male connectors on the grill. Without knowing the exact parts you need, a couple of places to look would be or

Good luck with your project.
"Grill Guides", now I've got it. I've a little retrofitting to do but the plan is shaping up. Rbrowne and Mofimadness: Thanks! -Steve
Pull the male pins out of the female holes.

Buy some two part epoxy glue and re-glue them back on the speaker grill.

Might be a good idea to identify each pin so you can reattach each pin in the spot on the grill the pins broke off of.

Do not clean any grill material from the pins.

Lay the speaker grill flat on a table.

You should be able to dry fit each pin before gluing.