Help with SET amplifier?


Im trying to decide for a SET amplifier. My speaker is a RCF 15 inch woofer in a bass reflex cabinet with a RCF compression driver on a Jabo KH55 horn on the top. Marchand Active crossover. The Set amp will work only with the compression driver horn combo from 1200 and up ,sensitivity is around 107db.

My options are:
Yamamoto A08S
FI Super X
Don Allen SET 45
Music Reference 245

Any advice or comment will be wellcome.
You will never regret buying any Art Audio amp or preamp. Call Joe Fratus the owner and he'll tell you which one for your speakers.Best customer service of anyone selling high end audio.
I use a Yamamoto A-08s (+EML 45s) with my Zu Definitions and have no complaints. I have not heard the others on your list, but you seem to have selected a good group. FWIW, the A-08s sells almost as soon as it is posted on Audiogon (which is not common) attesting to either its popularity or its cult status.