Help with speaker cable for 1st tube set up ....

I am trying to get some suggestions on speaker cable selections for my first tube system setup..
Sonic Frontiers sfs 80 amp
Audio Research ls7 preamp
Classe cdp3 cd
Mirage 490 is monitors...
transparent interconnects...
no analog sources at this time...
I like the sound of Straightwire Rhapsody, and currently use wireworld silver eclipse II on my main system...
I am not sure what kind of cables compliment tube systems vs solid state... I want to keep the budget low... as this is a secondary system to play with.. like 300 or less.
thanks for the help,
a great place to start would be a used pair of straightwire
virtuoso (gold if available) works great with tubes. i used them with 3.5 maggies and aronov amps. these cables can always be re-sold they are that good
Mapleshade Golden Helix ($85 for 8 ft. set) or Double Golden Helix ($280 and worth the difference). The Double Golden Helix wiped out biwired Kimber 8TCs in my tube-based system. You can try them for 30 days free and see what you think. Good luck, whatever you decide. Dave
I Highly reccomend Clarity Wires "emberglow" speaker cable. The whole Clarity lineup was designed around tube amps and is of very high quality and at a good price. The Cables are sold exclusivly in the US at

Check em out!