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Hi all,

I’ve considering upgrading from my beloved Aerial 10T’s which will remain in a second system. What I’m looking to improve from the 10T’s is the detail, while maintaining the extreme listenability the Aerials bring (zero harshness). Also I want to improve in the lower mid bass/bass detail. The 10T’s will play low but the detail could be better.

So far I’ve been impressed with the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova V’s. They really impressed me with all of the attributes I’m looking to improve over my Aerials. They had a wonderfully cohesive presentation with detail and no harshness. The bass was outstanding and articulate.

I’ve only begun shopping so I’m looking for other recommendations to consider. I heard the Aerial 7T’s and was not nearly as impressed as I was with the SF’s.

Others on the list that I haven't heard yet include:

Revel Salon2/Studio2

Aerial 20T V2 (impossible to find!)


Amps will be JC1’s, with a solid state front end (Levinson).

Thanks in advance!!

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I won't make mine as lengthy as the others and I have never heard any of the others mentioned here. Based on over the top reviews everywhere and pure intuition, I have had my Legacy Focus XD speakers in my system for 3 years and really love them. Have no idea how they stand up to others mentioned but I would guess.... pretty darned well and if I had the next step up at 22k, The Legacy Aeris, it might just be "lights out". Anyway, should be on your consideration list in my opinion.

Sounds like you really like the Sonus Faber sound, and that’s great.  I’d add Joseph Audio and Usher as two others to explore, but I’d give these a good, hard look fer sure.  They’d be end-game speakers for me.

Best of luck.

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I’ve travelled a similar path from “precision and accuracy” with Focal Kanta 3’s and Rockport Atria ii’s with D’Agostino solid state back to Tannoy Kensingtons with Pathos Heritage MKIi hybrid and a more “musical” to me presentation which is where my preferences lie now. I’d suggest giving the Revel and Sonus Farber good line listens to see which sound character appeals to you and then explore different brands with the type of presentation you are seeking.

Serious plus 1 for Joseph Audio.  With Doshi tubes they were the best room at last Chicago IMHO.  TOL is $30k though.  My room is also 22”x15”. With one REL S/81 and the Pathos it is a fully enveloping experience. Not familiar with your electronics, but that synergy is key of course.