help with speakers that rock, pleeze

I am at the point that I am tired of listening to just recordings that sound good on my system. I want to go back to my roots which is rock music. I am looking for speakers that give me goose bumps when listening to rock cds'. My room is 14'x30' speakers on long wall. Current set up consist of;

Cary 306/200 cdp with cardas golden ref ics'
First Sound Presence MKII w'cardas golden ics'
McCormack DNA 1 rev.A
Audio Physic Spark floor standers

I keep throwing money at my setup and am not happy yet, very frustrating please help!
That is a pretty big room and those are some pretty small speakers. It's not wonder they don't rock. I would look for some speakers that are Full range or try adding a sub and see if that gets you closer to what you are looking for.
PSB Stratus Gold, would be my 1st choice, or do some research on JBL. Klipsch is good, too... and yes, Legacy!
The Emerald Physic speakers might be worth checking out. Also VRMS (or VMRS, I forget) rock but are kind of fiddly in terms of set up.

The EPs are easy to set up.

I know Klipsch is a classic for rock.

Finally, some BW models might do the trick. I like the 8 series although they are way overpriced. The $-£ fx rate isn't helpful as the 8 series is their last full range still made in the UK.
My suggestion would be the ZU Definition. Extremely efficient, jaw dropping dynamics, thunderous bass, and capable of filling a very large room with kick-ass rock'n'roll.