help with speakers that rock, pleeze

I am at the point that I am tired of listening to just recordings that sound good on my system. I want to go back to my roots which is rock music. I am looking for speakers that give me goose bumps when listening to rock cds'. My room is 14'x30' speakers on long wall. Current set up consist of;

Cary 306/200 cdp with cardas golden ref ics'
First Sound Presence MKII w'cardas golden ics'
McCormack DNA 1 rev.A
Audio Physic Spark floor standers

I keep throwing money at my setup and am not happy yet, very frustrating please help!
Well it looks like Legacy Focus speakers are the ones that I can afford and will hopefully peel the paint but not my eardrums. Now if I can only locate some in California. Thanks again for the advice people!!
Noticed a pair of VMPS RM30's in the listings in San Francisco at a good price.
Get yourself a pair of Klipsch KLF-20's or even better 30's and enjoy your rock with a smile.
Klipsch match very well with McCormack amps. And they will rock with 5 watts. But the higher power amp you have will be even better.