Help With Spectron Amp

By any chance would anyone have a schematic or such for a Spectron 111SE amp. My modules are ok but one of the channels is bad. Spectron won't give me any info, they want me to ship it to them.
Problem is i live in New Zealand and to ship it will cost $1000 plus which i don't have.
Amps probably only worth 2K in todays market when a MK 2 can be had for a littl more.


My advise also is to speak with Simon. He is not the owner so he will not make any financial decision but as long as I know him he always could find accceptable solution.
Man...I'm at a loss to come up with an alternative solution. Maybe you could communicate to Spectron that if they can't help you given you live in New Zealand and the costs associated with their method of repair are untenable...why would anyone in New Zealand want to own a Spectron product? Spectron upgraded my amp and I found the Customer Service dept. quite accommodating. There must be an approach here that provides a win-win for you and Spectron. Good luck!
Hello Dart6,

Did you buy your amp or amps directly from them or used on Audigon with expired warranty.

I will forward this thread to Simon as you are the first I know with this situation and I want to know other side of the medal