Help with streamer software

I ordered a PS Audio streamer, the AirLens, due here this week. PS Audio does not have an app for their streamer, and I am not interested in using Roon. I found a full-featured app called JPlay that works very well for streaming Qobuz to my current Lumin streamer.

My problem is that I listen to a lot of internet radio, and that is not supported by JPlay. TuneIn and other radio apps that I am aware of do not stream directly to higher-end devices. I know I can stream to my ipad and bump that over to the streamer but the quality problems are well known.

Does anyone know of a radio app for iOS that will stream directly to a higher-end DNLA / UPnP streamer? Or is there another way to solve this without getting into the Roon world?

Thanks in advance.



I just don't know that I am going to get any better than what the N20 delivers, so that is my biggest reason for the pause.  I did try to A-B the difference in the sound by comparing the internal storage on the N20 to streaming Qobuz through it and I thought it was pretty much a wash.  About half of the songs I used for the comparison sounded better from the storage while the other half sounded better using Qobuz, and the difference to my ears was not enough to go out and spend more money on, unless I can get Qobuz to sound better.  Just so happens that you brought up the topic, so now I get to pick other's brains to see what they think.  Of course I have been asking the guys at PS lots of questions also.  I don't know, I am not sold yet but 400 bucks off right now has me thinking.


The AirLens is designed to mate with PS Audio DAC’s. Since you own their DAC, I say it’s worth the hassle of auditioning in your system. My experience tells me manufacturers touting on higher or better performance based on proprietary connectivity doesn’t always pans out. Case in point, EMM Labs NS1 and DA2 DAC. That’s at $35K combo I’ve owned it in the past, guess what; I preferred the sound of Aurender N10 with DA2 using AES cable. Sent back NS1 after 30 days of auditioning using their proprietary EMM Optilink interface, which supposed to sound better than AES/SPDIF and USB.

And with AirLens, you still a separate PC to run Roon Core on your network. 


You are probably right and I probably will, my curiosity will more than likely win out as usual.  I don't stream that much but with the availability of so much music on Qobuz that may change.  I have been trying to avoid Roon, my Aurender doesn't support it, but that may likely be something to try also.  Oh well, if it doesn't sound any better than the stream from the N20 I can always send it back.  Thanks for the input.


While the AirLens is 'Roon Ready' you really don't need it. JPlay (2wk free trial, $50/year) is an excellent sounding and full featured app for a number of OS, including iOS. That is what I will be using. I'm really quite interested in your take on the comparison with the N20.

I am trying to learn as much as possible about Roon but I am a little confused about how it works. Can I just download the Roon software to my laptop or tablet and stream Qobuz through that, or do I need a Nucleus in order to use it? I just read a note on the PS website that you can stream Qobuz through the Airlens, but they only mention though Roon. If I can do this with just a software download I may do it, but if I have to also get a Nucleus I will probably just pass on the whole thing. Streaming Qobuz is the only reason I am even considering the Airlens. I have to admit, the comparison with the N20 would be interesting.