Help with XLR ICs.

Ok gang. So here’s my situation. I’m looking to upgrade my XLR ICs. I’ve been using Straightwire Crescendo XLR ICs for many years now. I originally bought them for my first system I put together about 10 years ago. Since then I have totally upgraded my whole system including PCs which are 4 Audioquest Dragons (2) HC and (2) source. I really did want to go with Audioquest Dragons for my XLR ICs. But the prices for them brand new is to high for me. 2 m xlr are 18k and 1 m are 12k. I was looking for used for a few months now but never ever seen any that were ever for sale used. I also am using Straightwire Crescendo speaker cables which are quad wired. That’s 2 pairs for ea speaker going into ea mono amp. So u can imagine what the AQ Dragon quad wired speaker cables would cost.100k ++ That being said I will be keeping for now my Straightwire Crescendo speaker cables. So back to my original question post. What high end XLR ics would be a lot better than my Straightwire Crescendo XLRs. Budget is about 4k a pair. And will need 2 pairs. 2 m and 1 m. . I really did like the Straightwire Crescendos ICs and speaker cables for their powerful bass as they are also known for. So that being said I would like high end ICs that are known also for extremely good bass. My system consists of ARC Ref 750s mono blocks. ARC Ref 6Se pre. ARC ref 9 CDP. And a McIntosh MQ 112 EQ.  

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Inakustik in Germany has fabulous cables. Their TOTL XLR 1m cable goes for around 2K. They have a try before you buy program, but I'm not sure if they'll extend that to the States. Wouldn't hurt to check...

The rule of thumb with Mogami is that they are competitive with audio replay cables at the same price level.

Agree. The mogami and canare target market are artists making and recording music as a profession.

@tattooedtrackman - that's interesting to hear of your experience of Shunyata versus Dragon in power cords. That's a comparison I haven't done personally.

Analysis Plus Solo Crystal XLR. They are make cables for the recording industry and have various levels of interconnects, speaker and power cables. I have a loom of Analysis Plus Solo Crystal interconnects in one system and all DH Labs interconnects in my other system (Air Matrix Cryo and phono cables) I use Purist Audio Design Poseidon Speaker cables and love them. My 2 cents and that is what it is worth.