Help with Yamaha 801 pairing

Looking for advice on pairing with my Yamaha 801 integrated 

Currently listening to Polk 10 ancient and just not great

Mostly rock and roll some  jazz occasional like to increase the volume but would prefer efficiency a low volumes

Room loft like 24x24

Bluenode streaming

Denon 301moving coil
Price around 2500 for the pair .. prefer new probably floor standing without separate woofer
Ultimately will replace the Yamaha so hoping speaker selection to be able to allow for upgrade.

Appreciate the input 

Thank you 

JW Fitz



Given your listening preferences and budget, I would go for the Zu Audio Dirty Weekend floor standers.  I have had a pair in use in my main system for the last 4 years (tube amp; ss preamp, TT's & CDs).  I also have the Zu Omen Monitor in a second system.  Very energetic and realistic sounding.



You may want to spend some of that 2500 budget on a good phono stage. Post a question on the analog forum here and see what people say. 

i've owned the 801 and still have the polk model 10--the 801 is a good sounding amp but tends towards sounding a little bright, so you might pair it with something a little warmer--in your price range maybe focal aria, wharfedale or kef

I've had the 801 for a while now - its in a secondary system now.  6 moons gave it a very good review a number of years ago - and the sound it produces at it's price is really good, IMO.

But I found that despite it's power specs, the SQ of the 801 diminishes quite a bit if using harder-to-drive speakers.  The sound will get flatter, with minimal dynamics.  As such, I'd recommend more efficient speakers with the 801.

Consider speakers like the NSMT 50/Jamaica ($2995), or a Zu speaker in your price range.