Helping European Friend Avoid Bose Speakers

I am practicing some high end missionary work with a friend who lives outside of Geneva Switzerland but travels frequently to the UK on business.

Not sure of his budget yet, but he would like:

* dedicated 2 channel music system
* ability to monitor movies through system
* simple multi room set up for parties

I showed him the Magneplanar website which he seemed to really like but I dont know if they have any non US distribution?

Also his taste runs towards soul and contemporary "jazz" so perhaps a bit of bass might help?

Can anyone please recommend any dealers either in Switzerland or London where I might send him to learn more and have his first taste of high end audio?
So far, this has taken more digging than I would have expected:

Don't know Switzerland very well, but I think these are closer to Zurich than Geneva?

Re the UK

Absolute Sounds is a name which comes up for many of the better, "high end" manufacturers, but I believe they are the importer/distributor, more than they are geared up for retail business?

Jaybo, I understand your point, but if I can reduce sales of Bose speakers by even one pair, I think I am helping to change the world in a positive way.
but travels frequently to the UK on business.

1) Why not arrange to meet him on a UK trip and spend a half day auditioning all kinds of stuff on Totenham Court Road. There is at least one Hi-Fi store on every block.

2) Stick to audition of UK speakers as it will be best value if shopping in UK. Electronics will probably be driven by choice of speakers and functinality.

Aesthetic considersations (how it looks) are what drives 99% of audio decisions so don't be surprised if he chooses something really cool looking over what you might pick. (Bose or B&O might actually be the ticket)
Shadorne, for pure aesthetics I don't think you can beat the slightly retro look of Harbeth.

Watch out for Tottenham court road. You might land a good deal, but you also might have to haggle hard. Those vendors can spot an easy dupe a mile away.
Check out all the hi-fi dealers who are members of 'BADA' (British Audio Dealers Association) in the UK.
For more Information on BADA this number came out of a hi-fi mag (Hi-Fi Choice). Tel: 0870 126 9137.
On a personal note I have used Grahams Hi-fi, N1 (020 7226 5500) on numerous occasions in the past and they are top notch in helping a customer choose the right equipment to purchase and they are really focused on customer satisfaction.