Herbie Hancock best recordings

Hey HH fans, I'm looking for his best recordings and in particular if there is a worthwhile best of that qualifies as excellent. I'm looking for a somewhat wide soundstage in a fairly intimate live setting - not really any studio stuff unless it's incredibly well done which wouldn't surprise me.

Educate me on the topic of Herbie if you feel so inclined. I've been a fan of his for 35 years, but have sworn off throwing $$ at great recordings and audio equipment until now. Would love to fill my apt with his excellent sounds.

No need to contribute mentions of other artists unless HH is involved. I already have great recordings of many others.

The River is a wonderful album. I'm not a big fan of Norah Jones. But her contributions here are fantastic. You won't regret it.
A few others I don't see mentioned:
1) Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea in Concert.Recorded during 1978 tour at various venues. Very well recorded.
2) HH & Wayne Shorter 1+1. Piano and soprano sax.
3) Headhunters- Funky period.
Lot of difference between Maiden Voyage and Headhunters. Although I enjoyed Headhunters, the earlier stuff appealed to me more. Maiden Voyage and albums made right after sounded much more like jazz to me, Headhunters not so much.
I asked a question years ago about great piano recordings. I was introduced to Herbie Hancock 'The Piano' and it is absolutely amazing. Google search this release but understand that Wikipedia doesn't give you much information at all. This was a direct to disc recording where Herbie only paused for the groove cut in the vinyl between tracks. It's a treasure and although Herbie has many, he's a jazz musician and this is all the standards played by Herbie all by himself. It's priceless. If you want to get to know Herbie Hancock, this is where you start. Then rewind to his early career.