Herbie Hancock on the Grammys

Does anyone know the titles of the songs he played with orchestra on the grammys? He teamed up with another fine pianist in the duel set.
Great performance and I'm a fan of his work, however when you get record of the year for re-arrangements of old music...I don't know. I guess innovation and originality carry less weight.
The Grammy awards, like the Academy awards, are popularity contests.

They have little to do with artistic talent, originality, and innovation.

Amy Winehouse?
The name of Herbie's album from the early 70s was "Headhunter". It has been remastered on CD and is quite fun.
Amy's popularity is primarily because she is a self admitted (and proud of it) cocaine, heroin, and alcohol addict. Hollywood loves that stuff. In another case a second rate actor (who has a 4 year old daughter for God's sake!) becomes a drug addict and dies. It becomes first page news for 3 days. Young, good looking, rich, admired, pretty girlfriend, 4 year old daughter - nah! Think I'll kill myself.

I was 19 when Hendrix and Joplin died. Was quite broken up, too, but then 19 years are, in general, dumb asses. I saw quotes from 50 year old people sobbing about this drug addict's demise and how much "the world has lost!". Jeez, give me a break!! We'll get the same thing when Winehouse goes - what a loss!!!
What are you talking about?

>re-arrangements of old music
That's pretty much what most jazz recordings are.