Herbie's mat with NAD 533

My NAD 533 with Goldring Elektra (with new Goldring stylus) is begging for a "tweak." Will the Herbie's "Way Excellent II" mat offer an improvement over the stock felt mat ? If so, what thickness for the Herbie's.....2 mm. or 3 mm. ? My stock felt mat is about 2.5 mm thick.
Does the 533 still have the stock platter? If so, your best bet would be to upgrade to Rega glass for about $60 before swapping mats.
While Narrod has a good point below I ignored advice like that when upgrading my NAD. I got rid of all the wow issues and the glass platter that Ekobesky suggest went a long way to help in that direction.

Have a look ... http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?eanlg&1216855871&read&3&4&

I subsequently moved on to a Thorens TD111 idler and a Technics SL1200 direct drive. I like those tables better. The NAD in relation is a thinner sounding table with less oomph and presence. You can translate that as the NAD having a more gentler/delicate sound. In any case, with all the mods, the sound solidified, and increased in depth.

Is it "worth" doing the mods, you ask. If that is your table and you want the fun of hearing things incrementally get better, then YES. If you want to wind up in the end with a very worthy table while doing it on an affordable budget, then YES. If you want to learn a little on the way, YES. If you want to have a better table now, then NO.

I can say at the end of the process you will have a hard time selling the table with all the mods; no one wants a hacked up table, and that is the way people will look at it. Alternately you will have a hard time parting with the thing will all the love you have put into it. And it will be a very worthy table to have as a second table for mono, or just 45rpm play.