Herbie's mat with NAD 533

My NAD 533 with Goldring Elektra (with new Goldring stylus) is begging for a "tweak." Will the Herbie's "Way Excellent II" mat offer an improvement over the stock felt mat ? If so, what thickness for the Herbie's.....2 mm. or 3 mm. ? My stock felt mat is about 2.5 mm thick.
FWIW if i had a 533 i would give serious consideration to the $59 acrylic platter currently offered on this site (no affiliation whatsoever). no mat needed, LP directly onto the acrylic AFAIK, so it takes that variable out of the equation. after that, i would consider some step-wise mods/tweaks of the rega arm. my $0.02

you could request a trial from the seller. never hurts to ask...
I used a DIY spotmat on each table and like it very much.
For help with that go here: the Analog Dept

I recently bought a funk firm Achromat which beat the spotmat by a few points but that mat was about $100. Spotmat cost about $5 to make. You could actually just get those stick on cork dots at ACE hardware and apply them to the top surface of the glass platter. Don;t like it, peel 'em off. cleans up easy.
Adam, mats are kind of a personal preference. And they really don't make or break a turntable. The problem is, you could end up spending $300 or $400 trying different mats and that's money you could have spent on a cartridge.

Step 1: Get the glass platter. Enjoy the table for awhile. Change only one thing at a time so you can listen and evaluate with just one variable.

Step 2: Happy? Stop. Unhappy? Call a good dealer like Needle Doctor or Music Direct or Elusive Disc and tell them what you don't like and ask if a mat may alleviate it.

I love Gadfly's idea of using the $5 cork dots. Compare the felt mat to the cork dots AFTER you spend some time with the glass platter.

I will say this: I don't like acrylic platers. The ones I've tried, compared with glass or MDF or even metal, sound wrong to me though tables designed from the ground up to use an acrylic platter don't suffer as much. Your mileage may vary. Rega designed your table to be used with glass. They switched to MDF because NAD needed to bring the 533 in at a certain price point. Consider that when making your decision.
Hey Ekobesky.........That's some terrific advice. I think I'll follow your stepwise approach. I believe that Audio Advisor sells the glass platter, and with their return policy, it seems to be an easy way to try this "upgrade." Thanks a lot.......Happy Listening.