Herbies tube dampers

Has anyone used Herbies tube dampers ? Can u share your experience with them. I want to change my 6 stock 6H30 dampers on my Audio Research Ref 6SE. I was also thinking of putting them on the power supply tubes 1) 6H30 and 1) 6550. Would this be a good idea ? 

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Let me start by saying I am a strong supporter of Herbie’s Audio Lab products. All that I have purchased deliver as promised and without insane pricing. And now, the one related exception. I have not had good success with their small signal tube dampers, having tried them on several occasions with ARC products. They DO seem to somewhat take the life/sparkle out of the tube in use. One hundred percent of the time it’s been back to the tube dampers supplied by ARC. I have not tried them on other preamplifier brands or on output tubes in any amplifier.

@tubegb wow. That’s unbelievable that u had bad experiences with the on the signal tubes of all Audio Research.  What were the ones u had success with ? 


After trying them several times they went into storage, where they still reside. As mentioned, no positive examples in this case to report. They're well made, etc. but are just not as effective versus the stock ARC dampers. Just one person's experience...

@tubegb   Thanks. My Herbies are coming today in the mail. I’ll have my review on them in this post in about a week or so. 

Interesting, I have had Herbies tube dampers on my input tubes for years. But based on this thread, I just removed them, and I think, there is a little more sonic life in the music without them.