Here is all my gear. What's the best combo?

I feel i need some matchmaker advice. I know the "use your ears" mantra.... i have ears but also interested in advice from a tech or experience viewpoint. I won't say what' I have paired with what currently. What's your choice for best combo? and maybe what should i buy to improve that combo.

Pioneer sx1250
Primaluna evo 400 with KT 150 valves
Optonica SM-4646
NAD 2200 power amp
NAD 3020 integrated

IMF Reference Standard Professional Monitor Mark IV
Magnepan .7
Magnat 10p
Infinity RSe

Bluesound Node 2i
Google chromecast audio
Music Hall 15.3 CD/DAC
Dual 701 TT

Yes Ruebent all work well. I guess I started along the vintage lines finding pieces here and there. I'm just now at a point where almost no piece was specifically chosen to match any other and I was wondering where to go next.  I probably don't aim for hand-in-pants elitism, but am trying to ascertain best combo from what I've got or I could buy one other item if necessary . Yes I can listen, and of course have,  but there's a lot of experience out there to consider and that's what forums are for. 

The only advice that I find worthless is the "sell it all" trolls. I just want some friendly advice. 
@mid-fi-crisis  - Are you trying to put together one "best" system? Or are you trying to build multiple different systems for different rooms/locations? What are you going to do with the leftover equipment? 

Also, is your Prima Luna the Integrated Amp or a power amp?
I haven't heard all your stuff but the pioneer and  IMF monitors look good. 
Ruebent, one best system. The others I don’t mind if synergy is mid-fi. Thanks. It's PL integrated.