Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio

Just a shout out to the audio dealers and youtubers who:

Don’t rant

Don’t eviscerate hobbyists and others in the industry under the guise of some kind of "truth bomb"

Don’t claim to be the only one "on your side" and then tell you to buy from them.

Want to understand what it takes to connect an individual, however limited they are, with gear that brings them music and fun.

Understand that this is for fun and that people want to enjoy audio and keep their serious attention on issues that really matter.

Provide informed and temperate commentary about audio -- Hans Beekhuyzen, Tarun, Darko, Steve Guttenberg, Lachlan (Passion for Sound), Sean, Harley Lovegrove, and many others. I don’t always agree with their analyses but they’re not trying to be "shock jocks" or leaders of "tribes."


Notice how the trolls just can't help themselves. No one invited neworleansjazz and he/she/it are attempting to re-ignite negativities. Begone, troll. You're not respected nor wanted. Go yell at a cloud.

@hilde45 i deleted my post because it was negative and did nothing to serve your noble thread

Agree with the sentiment and agree with the fact that you get more bees with honey. I have my favorite you tubers (mentioned above), AND despite the bravado OCD Mikey made some good points in his recent video, and truly knows his stuff. 

All is fair in love and Hifi.



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I’m so tempted to post that YouTube video again about cursing in French but it did have profanity on it and most likely was the reason the mods took it down. We have some really delicate ears around here.

You know, the more neworleansjazz posts, the less I find that music relevant or desirable. Such a shame to associate a ne’er-do-well with music but it’s working.

That, and I think @hilde45 got it right with his "shock jock" analogy. Those of lessor intelligence (maturity?) seem to have this need to own others.

All the best,