Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio

Just a shout out to the audio dealers and youtubers who:

Don’t rant

Don’t eviscerate hobbyists and others in the industry under the guise of some kind of "truth bomb"

Don’t claim to be the only one "on your side" and then tell you to buy from them.

Want to understand what it takes to connect an individual, however limited they are, with gear that brings them music and fun.

Understand that this is for fun and that people want to enjoy audio and keep their serious attention on issues that really matter.

Provide informed and temperate commentary about audio -- Hans Beekhuyzen, Tarun, Darko, Steve Guttenberg, Lachlan (Passion for Sound), Sean, Harley Lovegrove, and many others. I don’t always agree with their analyses but they’re not trying to be "shock jocks" or leaders of "tribes."


Thanks for the additional suggestions. And for the pleasant remarks. Some of us read French and we understand who needs to be banned from the site.

In the meantime, have a pleasant weekend!

Alvin Lee @ Denafrips/Jay's. One of the kindest, gentlest and most helpful approach to running an audio operation.