Here's why amps can be more important than speaker

I was looking at B&W's site:
You will notice that speaker total harmonic distortion figures tend to be worse than those of amplifiers and it is reasonable to ask why amplifier designers bother to get down to levels of say 0.01% or lower if the speaker is so much worse. The reason is that most of a speaker's distortion is restricted to the lower-order harmonics, whereas amplifiers can readily generate higher-order harmonics that are much more objectionable.

Here are some expalantions from Jeff Rowland on amp design:
measurements vs. what we hear
output stage technology
Apparently measurements overlook many audible problems in amp design.
Thank you Sugarbrie for your opinion that i share and one that makes sense. I cannot see how your opinion can be argued. And when it is argued i am unable to understand.
Great post. When buying a speaker audition amps. If you have an amp that you will not part with, find a speaker that makes you and your speaker happy. IMO, I don't think there is any other way. Some common sense is needed. You don't buy a 10 watt amp for power hungry speakers.
The biggest problem for many is auditioning amps or speakers. This is not always an option. Thats where Audiogon can be so helpful or some of the Audiogon dealers who allow in home auditions.
you mean to tell me that some here are still using spec's, which too often anymore have little to do with sound quality, in order to qualify means to an end? Ludicrous!