Herron VTPH-2A final thoughts.

A year ago, I took the plunge and purchased a new phono pre-amp, the VTPH-2A. I'd read numerous posts on this forum about how special it is, head and shoulders above the rest. I'd also read that Keith Herron is the definition of quality, in terms of knowledge, customer service, and being real as a human being.  I'll be as objective as I can be: everything that was stated is 100% true. I've easily spent hundreds of hours spinning up vinyl with the VTPH-2A and nearly every time my comment to myself is, "damn that's good." Many audiophiles would fret about the synergy with other system components. My opinion is that it would be an overachiever in any system that endeavors to produce fine music.
With respect to Keith, I contacted him not for technical support or customer service, but to let him know how pleased I was with my purchase. His response was so gracious, I felt like I was talking to a friend or good neighbor. Definitely someone honest and worth doing business with.
I want to close this post by thanking the folks on the forum for sharing experience and what you know. I live a very rural life and don't travel much. Opportunities to critique a variety of equipment at shows or audio shops are virtually nonexistent for me. Audiogon has been an excellent place to narrow down the thousands of possible choices that I could never possibly pursue and sometimes get solid advice =)
I just received my VTPH-2A yesterday and I’m completely blown away by the performance even early into break-in. I did notice the dynamics really begin to shine after the unit had been running about 45 minutes and kept getting better throughout the evening. Are you guys leaving your units running 24/7?

This is clearly a transformational piece of gear in my system and it’s distracting today wanting to get home to listen more! My interest is now completely piqued on the VTSP-360. Anybody running these together? I assume there would be some nice synergies.
It's almost impossible to gauge the difference between day 1 and day 101 by ear alone, but I do believe more detail/nuance is still on the way for you. Being blown away should continue for a long time.
I haven't left my unit on 24/7. I too have noticed a slight improvement in sound after it runs for a while, but nowhere near 45 minutes. After a year and hundreds of hours of use, my VTPH-2A settles down in less than 10 minutes. Maybe a little break in time will help.
three_easy_payments, I've got a hunch that either you or I will soon be telling the world just how great the VTSP-360 is as well. The VTPH-2A is as good as it gets and I can't imagine that Keith Herron would build something crappy to compliment any of his components. My heart beats a little faster when I think of adding the VTSP-360 to my system, but the smell of melting credit card slows it down. If you take the plunge and buy one, keep us all posted on what you think.
I wish I could comment on the VTSP-360--maybe someday. That said, I am running a VTSP-3A (R03) with my VTPH-2A. All I can say is I went through 3 ARC linestages and 2 Modwright linestages before I decided to bite the bullet and try Keith's. Glad I did--way better than anything else I have heard in my system. All the features you could want with none that you don't need. Dead quiet, totally reliable, never runs hot, sounds like heaven--impeccable timing, very resolving, musically engaging and uncolored. Really, every bit as good as the VTPH-2A just doesn't get the effusive praise for some reason. The only thing I would give mine up for is the 360--if someone wants to make me an offer on mine send me a PM. It is boxed in storage while our house is on the market for an upcoming move so now is the time to strike!

Thanks for the comments coming from your reference point which seem quite on point to me given how likely similar the 3A and 360 are in design approach. This may be an irrational fear but my only hesitation is whether I'm giving up anything if I run the 360 into my fully differentially balanced amp given the fact the Herron doesn't offer balanced outputs.  Thoughts?  
That would be a question for Keith. Give him a call and he will set you straight.