Herron VTPH-2A vs ModWright PH 9.0

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has compared the Herron VTPH-2A to the ModWright PH 9.0? Unfortunately, I am not able to audition the two in person but am very curious how they compare. Their price is similar, Herron - $3650; ModWright - $2900/$3200 (with XLR connections). They also use a different sets of tubes, Herron - two 12AX7, three 12AT7; ModWright - two 6C45, two 6DJ8. I've heard 6C45 tubes are extremely quiet but, again, I haven't heard them in person. Appreciate anyone who can offer their experience with either product and how they compare in sound. Thank you!
I was hoping to read more side-by-side comparisons of these phono stages. On paper the Modwright has some advantages but that doesn’t speak to sound quality differences. I like Modwright’s Lundahl step up approach on the MC input vs Herron’s FET-based MC gain stage. I own the Herron and it undeniably sounds much better when paired with a SUT through the MM inputs and tube signal. The fact that the Modwright has all switches on the front panel, a mono switch, and optional transformer coupled balanced XLR outputs - all for slightly less than the Herron makes me very curious to hear it.
Just to push the thread up, I too would be highly interested in such a comparison !
I own the Modwright, and have heard the Herron, but not side by side.  I was leaning towards purchasing the Herron, but after discussions with beta-testers of Dan's PH9.0, I changed my mind.  I've had it now for almost a year.  It's a hard thing to describe, since it's quite neutral IMHO.  My impression of the Herron in my friend's system is that it's a bit more holographic, and a little bigger than life.  It is a joy to listen to.  Could be his system though. 

In my system, the Modwright just gets out of the way and doesn't call attention to itself.  Yet when I play complex orchestral music, it's all there.  I can follow the individual lines of different instruments and the voices of choral groups do not all blend into a hodge-podge.  It's a group of people singing together and I feel their synchrony, or lack thereof as it may be.  Deep bass, clear highs, all there without obtruding.  It's just music!

For what it's worth, my cartridges are the Audio Technica ART-9, an Ortofon mono MM, and a Dynavector DV20xl.  They all seem to find their voices with the Modwright, and come through with their own character.  The Modwright is just one of those quietly competent things that you hardly realize is working so well until you try something else.  Strong recommendation.
Forgot to say, the Modwright phono 9.0 replaced an Aesthetix Rhea that I've been using for the past 10 years.  The Rhea was great and delivered the "breath of life" that makes you feel you are listening to real human beings making music.  It had a midrange to die for, and a bit like the Herron, felt a bit bigger than life.  The Modwright is less fullsome in the midrange (not at all lean), but I think true-er to the actual recording.  HTH.
I have the Herron. Anyone wants to bring a Modwright, or anything else for that matter, over to compare is welcome any time. Just let me know. 

It is by the way not bigger than life, but it is definitely holographic.