Herron VTPH-2A vs ModWright PH 9.0

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has compared the Herron VTPH-2A to the ModWright PH 9.0? Unfortunately, I am not able to audition the two in person but am very curious how they compare. Their price is similar, Herron - $3650; ModWright - $2900/$3200 (with XLR connections). They also use a different sets of tubes, Herron - two 12AX7, three 12AT7; ModWright - two 6C45, two 6DJ8. I've heard 6C45 tubes are extremely quiet but, again, I haven't heard them in person. Appreciate anyone who can offer their experience with either product and how they compare in sound. Thank you!

@thiefoflight Thanks for the suggestion on the Psvane 12AX7's....I've never tried them but really like all the other Psvane tubes I've used in other gear - ACME 300B and 274B.  I may buy a quad and see how it goes.

Absolutely love the ACME line myself. But the first Psvane I ever bought were the 12AX7 T-II, which got replaced by the S series, and that’s how I got into them in the first place. Psvane does make some subpar tubes in some variants and lines, but the 12AX7-S, the CV-181 T-II, the 6CA7 T-II and ACME 300B and 845 were the best of theirs that I tried. 


Oh yes I forgot, I also have a pair of the CV-181 T-II and the 6CA7 T-II - both excellent.  Just ordered a matched quad of the Psvane 12AX7-S ECC83 Art Series Gold Pins.

@three_easy_payments Let me know what you think of the 12AX7-S as they break in since I’m itching to hear the EQ-500 with them at some point.