HEY! I'm gonna' be a billionaire

I just came up with an idea for an audiophile app that while make me a .1 percenter.  I hired a pair of junior high kids at the end of the cul-du-sac to do the coding and we should be able to launch by the next full moon.

Here's my pitch:  the average audiophile systems goes unused 91% of the day.  My app will match up unused audiophile systems with willing audiophile listeners and let system owners monetize their otherwise idle systems.  Think Air BnB for audiophiles. The price for a listening session will be completely free market driven. 

An example -- audiophile A who owns a $150,000 system won't be using his system of Tuesday night due to a social engagement.  He launches the app and marks his system as unused for that time period.  Audiophile B, who only has a $30,000 system, sees A's system and books the Tuesday night for a listening session.  And since it's free market driven, B may have to outbid other audiophiles before the listening sessions is finalized.  The app will handle the financial details.

Prior to The Audiophile App (TAA) only you, your family or a few close friends would know the splendor of your synergistically matched home audio music reproduction system.  With TAA you can now have perfect strangers come into your house for short of even extended listening sessions and they can even post reviews of your system for other audiophiles to evaluate. 

Why your system sit idle, have your system make money for you.

I'll let you know when we go beta.
What deposit are you going to have them out down?? How much would a deep scratch on a Wilson speaker degrade the value? Lol
The biggest problem would likely be "how loud can this thing go before it pops?"

And there is only one way to test that.

It has to be popped.

"It seems to be doing ok!", the one guy screams. "Ok, give it some more!", the other screams.... kaboom! flame out....

Sing along with me, now..... "Crack! Crack! Crack! went the woofer, Bang! Bang! Whoosh! went the amps...."

On to the next rental system...

It’s that standard problem of ’the fastest car on the road - is a rental’.

Generally, only the financially well equipped can reasonably and easily rent fast cars. There are some obvious reasons for that.
Rent-a-Center and Rent-2-Own here in Appalachia would be very interested. They also rent truck tires, I want to cry:(