Hey, I'm looking for the highest quality recordings from the following Artists:

Chet Baker

Billie Holiday

Eva Cassidy


I am a Chet Baker obsessive.  I can only recommend his original pressings or a few Japanese pressings.  I have most all of them.  It took me a few years to put together.  Most were purchased from other countries.  It was expensive.  I have  over $5k invested there.
I have most of his cd's too.  I bought a very complete collection from another Chet collector for $!00.  I have a few cassettes too.
Originals or Japanese pressings for Billie too.  I'm impressed with the Japanese mono lp box set Verve '46-'59!  Hard to beat... on the Bay now

There are some excellent noiseless LP reissues available from Sams Records, a French label, in the original mono. I have 3 with Chet Baker. Many other artists of the late 50s and early 50s are also available. Very highly recommended for any Baker-phile or for Lester Young, etc.

I just checked, “Sam Records”, based in Paris, not “ Sams”. They ship to USA promptly and efficiently.

I meant “late 40s and early 50s”. Sorry. Sam Records are special. Flat as pancakes and on very low noise vinyl. Makes you truly wonder why you’d need stereo.