Hi end audio who cares

During the holidays i had alot of people over my house.
MY wife would insist that i play my stereo for these
people,why i do not know.

Here are some comments that i got(is that a bose)
(We have panasonic at home,we justlove it)
(how much you pay for all that stuff)
(why do you need such big speakers)

I did not one comment such as(wow thatsounds great)
Next time we have company i am hiding the power cords!
Here's some other comments for ya. Can you relate?
Wow, how loud can that baby play?
How many watts?
Man is that clear.
Can you play that louder?
How much does that cost?
$1000 for speaker wires! You're insane.
I have Crown and JBL. What do you think of that?
Great bass!
Where's your bass and treble control?
You leave it on all the time? Man, that must cost you a fortune? You're not going to blow your amp out?

Just some of the reasons why I don't play my stereo for anyone anymore, unless I have to. I have had my share of acceptable comments, but the one I like best is, after listening to whatever I put on:
with a big fat smile and twinkle in those amazed eyes the words, "this sounds awesome" simply does it for me.
If it's 'normal' people, I won't fire the system up. I wouldn't even if my wife asked. It's just a waste. The great unwashed just don't get it. Your wife probably asked because she's hoping that these comments will 'help' you give up the hobby. The only folks I let listen to my rig are my immediate family and audiophile friends. The former think it sounds as good as a sony boombox, the latter think it's as good as they've heard. Go figure.
I do it for myself, no one else. So I'm crazy, so what.

Most of the people that visit this site have a high resolution system or would like to anyway. The others buy Bose and the like. Just remember, YOU are hearing the music that is absent from "their systems". They have no idea how much content goes unheard. Then tell them you paid far less then they did for all your gear .... You will instantly gain their respect for being such a savvy shopper. THAT,they can understand ....
I would never think of demonstrating my speakers or cdp or new phono cartidge or whatever. What I do is ask have they heard the latest (or some particular favorite piece) by one of their favorite performers, and then play it for them. I demo music they like. Invariably, they say things like, "gee that's so clear" or "it sounds like she's right here in the room with us."

Unless they are already interested in high end sound, however, they never show any interest in going out and looking for a "system."
I too get comments...

How loud can it play?
Louder than I am going to play it for you!

Can you make it thump like those cars?
I probably could, but I dont like the way those cars sound!

Why did it cost so much?
Cause I am insane!

I finally decided to take a stance:

I will not play my system louder than I like

I wont tell anyone how much it cost me

I wont show off the bass (I actually turned the sub of for music and down on movies)

For me, my system is a way of relaxing. It is also inspiring and at times almost a religious experience. It pleases me and I am no longer concerned with having it please others.

BTW: My wife loves the system too. I am lucky on that one. :o)