Hi Fi Hi End Verses Pro Audio Specs

I have been a pro Electric bassist for over 50 years.
I also have done work as a sound man and have recorded in Studio
Also worked in Hi Fi and video sales and as a musical instrument Repair tech.
I have also worked for ADS Speaker Co in Wilmington,Ma.
I have always had this saying in the back of my head and would like to hear from the Hi end community.
Pro Audio vs Hi End Hi Fi.
When music is Recorded live or in Studio it is Music Production.
All Hi Fi no matter how expensive exotic or otherwise is The Reproduction of Music.
They have two different Electrical standards.
Knowing this and Knowing both Pro audio equipment and Consumer.
My vision of this hobby is to have a system that is a crossover between Hi fi and pro Audio.
I am seeking  a Particular sound as well as purity and design.
I would like to hear from the community.
Who uses Hi Fi mixed with Pro Audio in there systems?

Great Info Gents.
There are so many choices at all levels.
For me I am looking to assemble a home system that has the sound i grew up with.
I love the sound of the late 60s thru the 70s.
I currently own several Pair of ADS Speakers including a very rare pair of BC8 Broadcast monitors.
I have always loved the sound of JBL such as 4311/12s
There big guys such as 4344s are killer for anything.
While on tour back in 79 I spent a week at The Resorts international Hotel Atlantic city.
The house sound system in the room they had the miss America pageants used all JBL 4355.
What a Sound.
I would the sound at home in a small configuration.
ATC and PMC are great speakers.

A pair of well restored JBL Century 100's will blow away those ADS's and the ADS's are good.

Also,the MAIN thing to remember here coming from LIVE/STUDIO side is that in Hi-Fi ...DISTORTION of any kind is bad and far less tolerated in home stereo. So a lower powered musically appealing amp (adcom) would be much more desirable than a high powered (hammer your ear drums to fatigue hell) (Carver magnetic field design) amp.

Matt M                    P.S. no offense to Bob Carver....lol
I very much agree.
I love the sound of JBL
I have never had any experience with Adcom.
I love Carver especially TFM series of Power Amps.
I used to sell ADS and Yamaha which i thought where a very good Match.
I am very curious about Tubes for a Home system.

Right now I have two simple systems.
I have a small home and listening environment.
One is just for my computer.
M-Audio DX-4 Pwrd monitors with a Cambridge Soundworls Sub
My Listening system is Yamaha RX-450 Receiver with ADS 710 Speakers.I have a small home and listening environment.
I am restoring a Pair of ADS BC8 Broadcast Monitors.
When they are  done i will be searching for something to power them.
Probably Tubes.