Hi Fi Hi End Verses Pro Audio Specs

I have been a pro Electric bassist for over 50 years.
I also have done work as a sound man and have recorded in Studio
Also worked in Hi Fi and video sales and as a musical instrument Repair tech.
I have also worked for ADS Speaker Co in Wilmington,Ma.
I have always had this saying in the back of my head and would like to hear from the Hi end community.
Pro Audio vs Hi End Hi Fi.
When music is Recorded live or in Studio it is Music Production.
All Hi Fi no matter how expensive exotic or otherwise is The Reproduction of Music.
They have two different Electrical standards.
Knowing this and Knowing both Pro audio equipment and Consumer.
My vision of this hobby is to have a system that is a crossover between Hi fi and pro Audio.
I am seeking  a Particular sound as well as purity and design.
I would like to hear from the community.
Who uses Hi Fi mixed with Pro Audio in there systems?

From the point you are at you have a long way to go before you get into serious home audio. That is not a judgment, simply a statement of fact. It seems your intention to have "pro" mixed with domestic sound ends with a passive monitor. That's not terribly deep in terms of the two worlds colliding. Frankly, you had a big build up, and the outcome is more mundane than momentous. 

I am attempting not to judge the level of capacity you have for investment into the hobby. I will say this; there is no magic wand for making a pro monitor superior to any number of fine HiFi monitors. I would definitely do some comparisons, as I think you could easily best the ADS with any number of more recent speakers. 
One last thought which you may find helpful; revisiting your power (i.e. something in place of the Yamaha receiver at 45wpc) is a very good option for the ADS, or any�, speaker. I'm not sure how strongly you are tied to the believe that if an amp specs out ok it's good enough, but in the domestic world of audio amps are hugely important and can change a system dramatically. One listen would convince you of that, no ABX needed. 

So, if you have enjoyed the character of the ADS, as you seem to, then I would recommend a move away from the Yamaha toward an audiophile pre/amp, or integrated amp. If you want to get more pro sensibility, then seek a combo DAC/integrated amp. Doesn't get more compact, efficient than that. The truth is the Yamaha is not a strong contender and at some point should be done away. There is a sensational amount of change potential in terms of power for your rig. It can utterly transform, in a good way, the ADS, or any speaker. 

You have two major options, both very worthwhile, to choose from. Or, better yet, do both. 

(I'm not interested in arguing my recommendations)

This is great info
Thank You DG
I totally agree that I have a long way to go with gear.
I am very open to suggestion and knowledge.
i am very fascinated with what is out there.
In my years i thought I have heard everything but at the same time I have heard Nothing.
i have recorded in many studios old and new.
One was Intermedia Sound Boston where Aerosmith and the Cars recorded.
i have heard many studio Monitors from ADS to Westlake.
I plan on developing a very versatile system that would include a mix of input sources.
Cd vinyl digital etc.

It's a lot... I have owned  carver, qsc, crown & crest.  My old Marantz 2215b sounded better than all of them!
Current amps: McIntosh 7106 (theater), Grommes G101A totally restored (2 channel) and a Masterwork integrated made by Pilot (office). All systems are Coincident speakers but work also has a pair of Merrill Zigmahornets.  I listen 15-30 hours a week at work.
I have owned Acoustats, Maggies, Vandersteens, EV, JBL studio, Klipsch Cornwalls & Hereseys, PSB Silvers and so much more.
Sources are mainly Chord Hugo (office), Sota Jewel(2 channel) & Oppo 105 (theater).  I love mixing vintage with new.

bstbomber, kudos, you are open to learning and exploring the domestic hi-fi market and experience. What a ride you will have! It's a completely different ball game than studio, but can be immensely rewarding.