Hi Fi Hi End Verses Pro Audio Specs

I have been a pro Electric bassist for over 50 years.
I also have done work as a sound man and have recorded in Studio
Also worked in Hi Fi and video sales and as a musical instrument Repair tech.
I have also worked for ADS Speaker Co in Wilmington,Ma.
I have always had this saying in the back of my head and would like to hear from the Hi end community.
Pro Audio vs Hi End Hi Fi.
When music is Recorded live or in Studio it is Music Production.
All Hi Fi no matter how expensive exotic or otherwise is The Reproduction of Music.
They have two different Electrical standards.
Knowing this and Knowing both Pro audio equipment and Consumer.
My vision of this hobby is to have a system that is a crossover between Hi fi and pro Audio.
I am seeking  a Particular sound as well as purity and design.
I would like to hear from the community.
Who uses Hi Fi mixed with Pro Audio in there systems?

Interesting subject. My system is a mixture of both. My speakers are JBL 4345s that are bi-amped using an Electro-voice DX38. I have built an external charged coupled crossover for the Mid, High and Ultra high drivers. The 18" woofers are driven by an McIntosh MC2500 and the passive crossover is driven by a McIntosh MC275. All controlled with a McIntosh C2300 Pre. They sound wonderful with a vintage sound but with the charged coupled crossover more detailed.
In the last 15 or so years, Telarc used ATC SCM 150 in studio and SCM 20s for mobile work.

After about 1978, many studios went away from JBL horns, ADS, Urei horns and installed mostly Genelec and ATC for mains. (Horns lost ground as amplifiers became more powerful) Meter bridge monitors would have been a mixed bag with several choices that usually included Yamaha NS10 and sometimes small Tannoy concentrics.

Thank You Shadhorne
I have heard tons about ATC and Genelec.
have not had the pleasure to hear any yet.
The studio I have been recording at in the last decade has Dynaudio which sound great.
I do not know the model but are an 8" two way.
He has recently switched to Old tannoy’s.
They also sound very good.
I am learning a bunch of stuff fast.