Hi Fi Tuning Supreme fuse-Burn In?

I've gone through the Hi Fi Tuning line of fuses starting with their Silver and then on to the Classic Gold.
I recently purchased the the Supreme.
The Supreme does everything I hoped it would but as with anything in this crazy hobby, there's seems to be a trade-off.
I'm getting more clarity and air but the presentation seems to have an edge or sharpness to it.
If everything was just slightly more-should I say organic?-I'd be one happy man.
I have about 60 hours on them.
Will more time smooth things out?
The Gold's are definitely smoother but they lack the air and clarity the Supreme's provide.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your feedback-much appreciated!
auxinput, thanks for the advice on burn-in.
I'll let them run to the 200 hr. mark and see what happens.
Just a final observation....I am amazed how a fuse can affect the sound the way it does.
Both the Gold and Supreme sound a world better than the stock fuse in my Manley Stingray.
In other words, they greatly improved my enjoyment of listening to my system.
I know there's been a 1001 threads regarding fuses.
Don't know how they work or why they affect the sound the way they do.
But in my system it's absolutely a step forward to the promised land.
Thanks again everyone.
Hope your weekend's going well!

@greh - disclaiemr: there’s huge controversy in this industry on whether or not fuses make a difference, but since you can actually hear the difference, this doesn’t matter.

The fuse is just one more voltage transfer element in the audio chain, just like power cords and interconnects and speaker wire. Actually, the fuse should be looked at as an element of the power cord, since it usually transfers A/C current, or even possibly DC current in some situations, to feed the audio circuits with power. Just like different power cord metals/plating can influence the sound, the fuses also contribute.

Generally speaking, silver is the best electrical conductor and will transfer current lightening fast. However, in a lot of cases, this can cause negative effects that will present as pushed upper mids/highs, too bright / harsh sound, etc. Gold-plating is a very warm influence and rhodium is the most neutral (in my opinion).

The other impact is reducing the electrical resonance. The fuse is just a tiny wire, but it’s a strung tiny wire in air, usually surrounded by a glass tube. The glass tube will resonant from mechanical vibrations, which causes that thin wire to resonate like a guitar string. This introduces noise into the voltage and can cause instability of current, which reduces resolution and actually reduces bass and body in the sound.  It can also create bright/harsh sound.

The wire will actually have electrical resonance as it charges/discharges the current.

Upgraded fuses will work on reducing that electrical and mechanical resonance by doing multiple things. Using ceramic casing instead of glass. Sometimes winding the internal wire around a non-conductive center-pole. Putting non-resonant filler inside the fuse. Putting anti-resonant coating on the internal melt wire.

Finally, they use much better metals for the internal melt wire and end caps. Pure copper. Pure silver. Mundorf silver/gold mix (Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme). Rhodium, etc.

"I have not tried BLUE..."

auxinput, why not change that now. SR Blue fuses on sale right now, buy 2 get one free with 30 day return privilege. 

I have had many brands of fuses and found the Blue to sonically outperform them all in the most components. 

Like lalitk, I preferred the HiFi Tuning Cardas Cu (copper) fuse over the SR Black in my Aurender but the Blue is another matter. 


A very nice description of just some of the changes that can be made to improve the sound a fuse imparts on a piece of equipment. 

The main point to me is that all the power goes thru the fuse and different fuses can have a significant affect on a system's sound.

dlcockrum definitely brings up a good point mentioning the Synergistic Research Blue fuses. I also agree they have a very positive affect and with their being on sale and having a great return policy, this is a good time to give them a try. They have been a major upgrade in my systems.

David Pritchard
Like I said, since I haven't tried the BLUE fuses, I don't know what they are going do to the sound.  The only thing people have said is "they sound amazing", but they don't quantify what is being changed.  Since I know how the Furutech and Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme affects system and voltage, I will continue to use those fuses to tune my systems.  I still have several other issues and equipment I need to upgrade and take care of first before I start another journey on "what exactly is this BLUE fuse doing?" .lol.  I have not read the thousand plus posts "Blue" thread.