Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums

Please share songs you love that get overlooked on classic albums that most consider among the best ever--for example, those that regularly appear on the Rolling Stone top 100 list. Last weekend I played "Hotel California" all the way through and was really digging "Try and Love Again". Can't get it out of my head. Oddly, a Randy Meisner tune with great bass guitar and unique bass drum work by Don Henley--pumping it twice rather than once not sure why. There is some really great stabbing guitar lines, awesome rhythm guitar licks and a nice lead guitar. As always, great harmony vocals to boot. A really great song that seems to fly under the radar because it is on an LP that has so many "hits" and really great songs. 

Share yours!


@au_lait +1! 

Joni Mitchell - Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire

Warren Zevon - Accidentally Like a Martyr

Pink Floyd - Fat Old Sun

Rush - Vital Signs

Zappa - the entire catalog

Neil Young Live at Massey Hall 1971. Awesome talent. Maybe the best recorded live album of all time. 

Joe Jackson Look Sharp from 1979. Very tight band' well produced  with tons of bass slam.

Fleetwood Mac’s Kiln House is a gem.  The guitar playing is fantastic throughout.  The song writing is very good and ranges from snarling, epic rock jams, slide guitar blues, to the lovely Like Crying.  The classic song ‘Oh Well” in on the album.  Early Fleetwood Mac was a great band.

Can -- Chain Reaction and the rest of their discography

Led Zeppelin -- Kashmir and pretty much an entire Physical Graffiti album

I think songs like Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California are not hidden gems. They're mainstream exposed gems or maybe just stones:)