Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums

Please share songs you love that get overlooked on classic albums that most consider among the best ever--for example, those that regularly appear on the Rolling Stone top 100 list. Last weekend I played "Hotel California" all the way through and was really digging "Try and Love Again". Can't get it out of my head. Oddly, a Randy Meisner tune with great bass guitar and unique bass drum work by Don Henley--pumping it twice rather than once not sure why. There is some really great stabbing guitar lines, awesome rhythm guitar licks and a nice lead guitar. As always, great harmony vocals to boot. A really great song that seems to fly under the radar because it is on an LP that has so many "hits" and really great songs. 

Share yours!


Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets album:  "For Someone Special"  Great bass lines and sung by the bass player, Tiran Porter, who supposedly never formally learned the bass, just picked it up along the way and played mostly by ear.  Good stuff!

Tommy Bolin - Private Eyes 

the whole album is very solid, but if you are looking for a single track, it has to be Post Toastee. 9 minutes of bliss, we’ll recorded and sounds great on vinyl. 

Elton John- "Tumbleweed Connection"

Ten great classic songs. No throwaways. My favorites are "Where to now St. Peter?" and "Burn Down the Mission". I liked this album so much I sprang for the MFSL Ultradisc, many years ago.

Jethro Tull- "Thick as a Brick"

Just one long song, but definitely worth a listen if you aren't familiar with it.

Rolling stones "Fingerprint File" from the album " It's only Rock'n Roll"

Not a huge Stones fan, but WOW. This song knocked my socks off.

David Bowie: Station to Station.

Phil Manzanera: Diamond Head.  Eno on a rock album 1975

Zappa: numerous

Camel: Moonmadness and Mirage