HiDiamond Power cords...

Has anyone tried the Power 3,2,1 power cords from HiDiamond. If so can you explain in best detail the qualities, strengths and which component you chose it on. I'm also curious which cords they compare to within the market.

Regards Bacardi
Worldwide Wholesales would like to announce that HiDiamond Cables will be at the TAVES audio show in Toronto Canada from Nov 1 - 3 2013 in the Parklane room.

Cheers and see you there.
Jazzonthehudson, No I haven't yet.
My JL Audio Subs are on a separate dedicated circuit and my Pass Labs are also on there own dedicated. These items are physically too far away to plug into the PS-10, which is also on its own dedicated circuit. At the front of each dedicated circuits is the Audience ARP2-TO.
System change back to single ended made my 2 pairs of Diamond 3 XLRs available. Great cables.
I just put my Hi Diamond 3 XLR cables (2 meter pair and 4 meter pair) up for sale on Audiogon. I changed system configuration away from balanced a number of months ago and these were just sitting with all the other cables that make up my current system. Cleaning up the "clutter" produced these gems. they have about 150 hrs/pair on them and are in great shape.