HiFi Rose 250

I purchased the HIFi Rose 250 in November and finally got around to hooking it up yesterday (renovation prevented me from exploring it right away). My initial impression is that the 250 is well made and solid.

I installed a 4 tb SSD and formatted it and set up up for SMB file transfer. The device is using the ethernet connection. I tried to connect my windows 10 laptop to it, but no joy. I used the IP address that was shown when I went thru the ethernet connection setup. Windows does not recognise the device (unable to connect eror message). I tried using wifi and same message. SMB is enabled on the laptop as is printer sharing. I have a Little Green Computer microjukebox connected via ethernet and the laptop connects just fine to it.Near as I can tell, the window settings are identical. Next I tried the FTP option on the 250. Windows connected to the 250 but I received "unable to log in" error message. Any help would be appreciated.

I also am not impressed with the internet radio, very limited radio stations. 


You shouldn’t need to go to a dealer to find out how to do a simple task like this.

Could it be your devices are looking for a static IP address, but that one or both are being dynamically assigned using DHCP?

You need to download the Rose app. I use my iPad to control my 150 with the app.

OP won’t need an app to push files from his WIN10 laptop to the Rose 250.

The forum below is a good place for tech support.


This should be a simple task, I’m sure there’s a simple answer out there.

As for the complaint about limited Internet Radio stations, I'm pretty sure you can add more.