Hifi Rose RA180

Anyone outside the US have a chance to check this out? Looking for a GaN based integrated. After seeing all the hype/opinions surrounding LSA, AGD, Peachtree, Technics, etc.

I wonder where this would stack rank....guessing $5K if it ever makes it to the states.   I believe the Rose link is translated below.   



I’d definitely be interested in a review from an Audiogner once they have this beautiful integrated in their possession. IMO the aesthetics for this unit are stunning and the class AD amp design sounds intriguing. 

Hey there.  I’ve had the new RA180 for a couple months now and right off the bat it has amazing detail and clarity and bass.  Bass was immediately more substantial when compared to the NAD M33 that I have on hand.  This was in bridge mode, so it’s twice the power of the NAD.  Really detailed with wide soundstage.  It easily runs the KEF Blade and Reference 5 Meta speakers.  I never tried bi-amping, just running bridge mode which is 400 watts per channel.  Build quality is great but the buttons and controls are not made of metal.  My mind made them metal when looking at the photos, but they aren’t.  They still feel and operate with a solid feel.  Add the RS150B and ANY speakers and you’ll have an incredible system.

It is $7000 and available everywhere.  You still need a DAC or DAC/streamer.  The Peachtree Gan 1 is $1400 and all you need is a $400 IFI Zen Streamer and you probably have sound quality in the same league (or better)....than using the RS150B with the RS180 ($12K total).  Of course, the streamer DAC and integraded amp have a LOT more features (but do you need them?).  If you need more power there will be inexpensive amps available soon using the 400 watt a channel digital amp board from Elegant Audio Solutions (the 200 watt stereo board is what is in the GaN 1).  GaNs are an improvement....but if you use a GaN based digital amp then you are another sonic step ahead.....and way cheaper, as you do not need a DAC, preamp, and analog interconnects.  In five years you will see digital amps everywhere.....including inside speakers....this is the revolution many of us have been waiting for.....less stuff, better sound, less money spent.

I would sincerely urge you ricevs to listen to a pair of KEF LS60 speakers.  The sound quality is INSANE.  Everything you just mentioned.