Hifi Rose RA180

Anyone outside the US have a chance to check this out? Looking for a GaN based integrated. After seeing all the hype/opinions surrounding LSA, AGD, Peachtree, Technics, etc.

I wonder where this would stack rank....guessing $5K if it ever makes it to the states.   I believe the Rose link is translated below.   



I would sincerely urge you ricevs to listen to a pair of KEF LS60 speakers.  The sound quality is INSANE.  Everything you just mentioned.  

The Kef LS60 is great for the money.  However, uses ordinary DACs and amps.  If they used digital amps inside it would sound way, way better.

LS60 has a combination of class D and class AB amps inside.  I truly believe that the implementation of different technologies is definitely more important than making blanket statements that one technology is always better than another.  In my system, I have used all current available technologies and they each have their own advantages.

I have been using the RA180 again and today I decided to add a powered sub to the “subwoofer “ output and to my horror, this is a FIXED LEVEL OUTPUT!!!  I tested it three times to be absolutely sure, but I was correct.  At volume zero, the sub output turns off, but at ANY other volume, the sub output is fixed.

why on Earth would they do that?  I have never seen another amp set up like this.  Be advised, if you are planning to buy the RA180 and use a subwoofer, DON’T DO IT.  Unless of course, you use a REL with speaker level inputs.  

Anyone else noticed this?  This could be a deal breaker for a lot of systems.