HiFi Rose RS250 or Lumin D2 For Streaming?

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two strictly from a sound quality perspective? I like the touchscreen / display features on the Rose but if the sound isn't superior I'd rather save money and go with the Lumin. I'm not looking to spend more than the $2,500+- for the Rose so I wouldn't be able to move up to the next level of Lumin.

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Points to ponder . HiFi rose has similar price structure as Lumin.

1.HFR is the audio media darling for the time being due to Heavy advertising

2. HFR has a bunch of goodies like a screen that can play videos and various other music apps

3. So take away the goodies of the HFR. Will one be getting an actual better audio component from Lumin since they are not throwing in the kitchen sink? In other words, is HFR just a regular cheaper Chinese type Dac with a bunch of goodies thrown in which could cause major repair cost down the road?

Thanks for the good points of consideration they kind of mirror my own intuition. The potential for the need to repair are a concern with so much multi-tasking going on with the Rose. My initial instinct was to go with the Lumin. Or something like a Node then add a DAC later. I would be nice to have it all in one box though.