HiFi vs MidFi

I’m a relative noob to the audiophile scene, having just invested in an integrated amp and upscale (for me) speakers.  From time to time, I hear the term “MidFi” for some components.  Is there an objective or just largely accepted definition for this term?  I’d be curious to hear feedback on what constitutes HiFi vs. MidFi across various components.  

In terms of price, it’s usually $100-$200k difference. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Not true

fact of this matter what is MidFi vs HIGH FIDELITY is simply stated

KT series tubes (EL34,88,120,150, might even throw Jadis’ 170 in this midfi group) is midfi

High Fidelity are the so called DHT SET and PP designs. DHT

Let me be clear KT aka Kinkless Tetrode = Mid Fidelity, nice but no cigar.



DHT now here is where the golden sounds are voiced. The crown jewels of tube amplification.

Jut my 2$ opinion which will only get you a  $2 cup of coffee,

you KT fans , dont get all bent out of shape over my unbiased opinion.

. Stay **kink=less** ;--)