High efficiency desktop speakers


As the title suggests I am looking for a pair of high efficiency desktop speakers.  95dB/watt at 8+ ohms is good, but if I can find speakers that are 98dB/watt at 8+ ohms or even higher sensitivity that would be even better based on the amp I will use to drive them. The amp is a custom made hybrid using 6sn7 and 6j5 tubes. I am using a Sonnet Morpheus DAC and Sonnet Hermes streamer, this will be for a streaming only system. My listening is all over the board as I like great recordings but I mostly listen to rock, jazz, female vocals, the Dead, and deep house music with a bit of opera and classical mixed in. Not looking to add a sub but have a small SVS if needed. Budget is 2K or less. I appreciate your help.



@blisshifi The amp produces 10W into 8ohm, 5.5W into 30ohm, and 2.5W into 80ohm. I have used it to power a pair of Audio Note ANE/LX which it has done so effortlessly. I had it built as a headphone amp and had the maker put in speaker taps for just sort of thing. 

Consider some LS3/5a speakers.  My Rogers sound incredible as a desktop computer system with any number of amps.  Right now I’m driving them with a 20wpc Vista Spark, but when the weather gets cold I’ll switch over to a Sugden A21SE.  Even better on good stands.

I auditioned the Sonnet Morpheus and Hermes a month ago (and also Lab12 Dac1). My impression was that the Morpheus was really bright sounding compared to the Lab12 Dac1. So I would try to pair it with speakers that are more laidback to balance it out. 

Perhaps an Amphion Argon 3s or Dali Rubicon 2 might fit the bill. 


@sunshdw Any experience with those? Kudos for the 94db efficiency. That must be a featherweight driver. I would love to compare the OGY with the Super Alnico Monitor (same price range).

I will say that the OGY have a more impressive craftsmanship. They have a glued plywood transmission line enclosure (no other brand does that in a bookshelf speaker) and a corian exterior.

Looking at the Super Alnico, is this just an MDF box with insulation and wood veneer? If so, the super 3i model seems like its priced just right @ $695. It falls in line with the Axiom M3 in terms of price and build. For $2k I expect a transmission line.


No not that specific speaker, I was just showing you that it is possible to find a 95db book shelf speaker.