high-efficiency loudspeakers

 What is the best high-efficiancy loudspeakers? If you have it, are you  happy ?
Twoleftears:  I promise to report back.  Unless I keel over from their wonderfulness...
There are several manufacturers of hi-efficiency speakers, nut not many that are commonly discussed on this forum.  There is no "best", just what's best to you.  Mating a speaker to an amp for best sound involves a lot of factors besides the sensHere are some more manufacturers:
- Audio Note E,J, K or their DIY counterparts from ANK kits
- Avantgarde Acoustics - extremely efficient and pricey
- Bob Crites horn designs - the Cornscala will change the way you think about horns
- Cain and Cain - single driver speakers
- Classic Audio speakers
- Coherent - made in Canada.  Look beautiful but I have not heard them
- Coincident
- decware - all great
- Devore O/97 and O/93 - outstanding speakers
- Omega - the best single-driver speakers I have personally heard
- Pi
- Reference 3A - you will see a lot of PP amps using these
- Rethm - the Bhaava is an amazing, affordable point source/rear loaded horn speaker w/ an active bass driver
- RL Acoustique - Lamhorn
- Shindo - upscale Klipsch designs, sound wonderful but $$$
- Silverline - some models
- Spatial - the M3/M4 Triode Master versions.  Quite affordable
- Trenner & Friedl - some models
- Tyler Acoustics - some models
- Volti Audio - 21st century reworking of the classic Klipsch horn designs
- Tekton & Zu - not my cup of tea but a lot of guys love these

I may have missed some.  There's also a whole world of older/classic speakers from an age when high-efficiency was a requirement and not a choice.  Here are a few suggestions:
- Altec Lansing - Specifically the models 14, 15 and 19
- Cain and Cain - single drivers, highly regarded, company recently demised
- Klipsch - all classic Klipsch models w/ horns are very efficient
- Snell E, J, K or the /II models - the genesis of the Audio Note line.  If you want to see if AN speakers will work in your room for cheap, grab a pair of these in good condition
- Tannoy - some models, although I always found these to be much less efficient than listed by the specs 
- Von Schweikert db99 speaker - a recent model from a current mfr

I'm sure that I missed someone's favorite speaker vendor.  If so my apologies...

The real test for a high efficiency speaker is if it can be powered by an 1W amplifier and reproduce the entire frequency range (including bass) with 1W or less. Here is one review that covers such a system: http://theaudiobeatnik.com/linear-tube-audio-mz2-s-originally-released-microzotl2-0-teresonic-magus
In addition to Teresonic, I would add Auditorium23. I heard a pair at CAF, and liked them a lot. But with the caveat that they were in a small room.
I prefer 10 foot wide burl wood horns with dual 30 inch woofers powered by a .127 watt vintage telephone amp….cloth covered wire from 1918…sounds awful but looks nice.