High efficiency speakers for Shindo

I recently bought a Shindo Aurieges pre and think that a total revamp of my system is now in order. After doing some research it seems that the best match for the pre is, surprise, surprise a Shindo tube amp. Since I'm on a budget, the entry level Montille is most realistic, its a flea powered 15 wpc push pull. I'm thinking that this won't do with my Gershman Avant Garde's which are a rather inefficient 87 dB, so I may have to trade em in.

But I do love the Gershmans for their great bass response and silky mids. Can anyone suggest a high eff speakers (say 90+ dB) that would mate well with the Shindos and also give me good bass slam so that I won't regret selling the Gershmans. My basement room measures about 13' x 20' but with a 6' ceiling. I listen to a huge range of music - classical chamber music, jazz, indie rock, electronic, everything from Albeniz to Zappa.

Speakers that I've been considering are Audio Note, Living Voice, Ref 3A. Others have suggested single driver speakers like the Omega which are intriguing, but can they really rock out? I'd like to keep it below $5K used. Any other suggestions or thoughts on what would be a good fit?
I own a pair of KCS Oris 150 horns, a seriously good producer of beautiful music for the discerning listener.
Mickey, some more suggestions:

- Cain Abbys for single drivers (and you can listen to them at my place)
- Possibly the Cain&Cain WWW (designed by Gordon Rankin)
- Klipsch La Scala (Rick has a pair that you can listen to)
- Altecs
- Herron Audio used to make some nice speakers and these have nice bass
- Soliloquy
- Living Voice

Overall i think there will be some sacrifice in the bass when switching to low powered amps (except if you get a powered subwoofer). I would try to talk to the Shindo dealers as well. Don at Don better audio used to run Cain&Cain and would have some suggestions. And there is a Solovox of sale in Michigan that should be a good fit.

I own the montille in a room very similiar in size to yours. Depending on the volumes you listen at, you may want to look into the devore line, either the super 8's or nines are in that price range. While not that effecient, they are an easy load and a great match with shindo.

My gibbon 8's are out being upgraded/repaired now, as my 19 month old used one of the drivers as a bongo. I am using an omega XRS in the interim. It's a great speaker for the money, but not up to the 3times more expensive devore. I haven't heard their top of the line speaker though (maxhemp).

Another interesting used option would be one of the phy based speakers on the market - musical offerings, tonian, ocellia
Rene and Prfont, thanks for the suggestions. Rene I look forward to hearing your Cains one day soon.

Prfont some guy on another forum said the the Montille wasn't a "real Shindo" fighting words huh? I wonder what he meant? I actually haven't heard it but I was considering it simply because its their most affordable amp and I figured it would match with the Aurieges well.
Hi Mikey, Check out the speakers at Sonist. I have the stand mount concerto2 that replaced a pair of Reference 3A MM De Capo's. They didn't blow away the MM's but were a mutch beter match for my 5watt SET's. The floor standing model goes lower and would probably work well in your size of room. I heard the floor standers at the CES show and they sounded great driven by De Havalind(spelling?) 845 SET amps. Cheers, Randy