High Efficiency Speakers Your top 3 or more

Not taking cost or musical preferences into account what are the top 3 high efficiency speakers you've ever heard, overall?
The Tonian TL-D1 is an interesting design. Think of it as a single driver wannabe, but with super tweeter and very simple crossover. I had been wanting to try these for 4 years (up until recently they listed for $1750) and found a great deal on a used pair here. Unless you pay extra, the finish is basic and will easily show some flaws, but the sound is extremely fast and transparent. They go down to the low 40's, and placement is flexible as you can tune the bass via the adjustable bass port. The cabinet is lightweight and has very thin walls (think acoustic guitar, violin, or similar instrument body) using the reverberations to voice the speaker.

Duke and Tony make great speakers (the new Audiokinesis Prism is interesting too for $2500), but take some opposite approaches in design. I don't think the TL-D1's have the timbre of the Jazz Modules, nor the punch, but they play a lot bigger than their size and are slightly more balanced tonally. In many ways they remind me of my old Spendor's but more neutral.
Cerwin Vega CLS-215. Test measurements here. About 92 dB efficiency plus 500 watts power handling plus bass extension well into the 20's.
I suppose you could look at Living Voice as well. Although it seems their distribution in the US is dwindling.